Usk Parish and Ordinariate retreat day,


Holy is the true light


How do we grow in holiness?  What is holiness?  How can it give us joy, growth and freedom?


This retreat day, linked to our shared and personal pilgrimage of the Mass, will explore the theme of growing in holiness.


It will have scripture readings, followed by talks, and well-known British choral music.  The day will end with Mass.


It will be a day of encouragement and hope, enabling us explore key aspects of our spiritual lives.


It will be led by Euan Tait, experienced retreat leader and librettist working internationally with choral composers.  Please see his website for more information. 


Order of the Day

9.30am             Arrivals, teas and coffees.


10am                Introduction & opening prayers                                                                  Session 1:  “Into the light – becoming one.”


11.15am          Mass (parish church).


12.15pm          Procession to the site of Fr. David Lewis' martyrdom                              for prayers (optional – or return to hall). 


1pm                  lunch (hall)


1.30pm             Session 2: “Pray without ceasing.”


3pm                  Session 3. “The Pilgrimage of the Holy Mass.”


4pm                  Departures.