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I’m Father Bernard Sixtus, the priest-in-charge of the parish: thank you for visiting the Web pages of our parish church of St David Lewis and St Francis Xavier! 
Our Church


Our church is part of the Archdiocese of Cardiff and was built in 1847. It is dedicated to the great missionary Saint Francis Xavier and to Saint David Lewis. In 1679 David Lewis became the last priest in Wales to be executed for the Catholic faith (around 300 yards from where our church now stands). His grave is near the door of the Anglican church in Usk.


On Line Parish Offertory

Mass Times 

  • 22 August  Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary  9.15am (Novus Ordo) [see separate notice about pilgrimage]

  • 23 August  St Rose of Lima, Virgin           10am (Ordinariate Use - available)

  • 24 August St Bartholomew, Apostle         10am (Novus Ordo - available)

  • 25 August  St Joseph of Calasanz, Priest; St Louis 3.30pm (Novus Ordo - available)

  • 26 August  Patronal Feast of St David Lewis, Priest & Martyr 10am (Novus Ordo) & 6pm (Ordinariate Use)   

  • 27 August St Monica (Blessed Roger Cadwallador martyred at Leominster in 1610)

  • 28 August  22nd Sunday Per Annum (11th after Trinity)  9.30am (Novus Ordo - available)

  •  3pm St David Lewis Pilgrimage (see separate poster)


Click the picture above and let Fr B know if you will attend