Our Church

Our church is part of the Archdiocese of Cardiff and was built in 1847. It is dedicated to the great missionary Saint Francis Xavier and to Saint David Lewis. In 1679 David Lewis became the last priest in Wales to be executed for the Catholic faith (around 300 yards from where our church now stands). His grave is near the door of the Anglican church in Usk.

David Lewis was born in 1616 in Abergavenny, Wales. Born to Catholic mother and a Protestant father. David Lewis was the youngest of nine children. Ordained a Catholic priest in 1642, he served communities including Abergavenny and nearby areas for over 30 years. Following the criminalisation of Catholic practice in 1678 he was arrested along side a fellow Catholic priest, Phillip Evans, who were both later tried and sentenced to death for their beliefs and practices. On the 27nd August 1679, David Lewis was hanged drawn and quartered and became the last Catholic martyr in Wales. David Lewis is commemorated across communities in Wales for his contribution to multiple Parish communities including Usk, and for his ultimate sacrifice for our Lord.

An exciting development at the parish is that an original painting of St Francis Xavier from the 16th Century is being gifted to the parish shortly. The painting is a gift from the Jesuit House. St Francis Xavier was a great evangelist missionary Jesuit monk who was born in Spain in 1506 and died in 1552 in China. 

St David Lewis Chapel


Church Improvements 


In 2019 aided by some lottery funding we started a 2-phase church improvement program 

Phase 1 consisted of external works (pointing, stone replacement [walls and roof crosses], new guttering & external lighting, ramp) and internal works consisting of a new chapel, stairs, organ loft, tower and WC  

This year we are looking forward to Interior decorations to walls & ceiling [to address damp]. New flooring throughout with carpet/rug in some areas and lighting to replace current ‘industrial’ lighting. 

We are also developing Community Outcomes (bee-friendly planting scheme, education workshop materials and a cycling pilgrimage route).