Hot Food Kitchen

Since 5 May, volunteers have cooked and delivered hot lunches to those in need in the Usk area each Tuesday and Thursday. The meals are prepared in our Church Hall on Porthycarne Street.


Food Kitchen volunteers work wonders by cooking a large number of meals with modest facilities. The number of meals has increased from 25 in the first week to well over 60 each week. Cottage pie, spaghetti bolognaise and beef stew are among the favourites so far. Each service includes a meat based dish and a vegetarian dish such as vegetarian lasagne or vegetable curry and rice. Feedback has been very positive and volunteers are pleased that the meals are enjoyed. 

Local residents frequently call into the hall to donate delicious homemade cakes for dessert. Volunteers kindly deliver the hot food straight to the front doors of consumers in insulated take-away meal boxes and brown paper bags.

The Food Kitchen has received generous financial support from the Catholic Archdiocese of Cardiff, Usk Town Council, an Alms charity and from individuals. The Usk Players provided a superb set of pots, pans and utensils for the kitchen. A number of other people have also kindly donated utensils. One individual donated a wonderful Hostess Trolley, which is extremely useful for keeping food hot for short periods until it is put into containers for delivery.  The volunteer cooks have often provided all of the ingredients for the meals themselves.


The Food Kitchen wishes to thank all of the benefactors, volunteers and the people of Usk and the surrounding area, such as Llangybi, for their donations and hard work. Their generosity, concern for others and kindness in this crisis is invaluable and truly remarkable.

Contact Details: Gloria Dolan 07429 023 559